• Drug treatment, intra-articular injection (PRP) and physical therapy exercises should be applied before the decision to perform the surgery.
  • It may be possible to use the prosthesis for a lifetime when it is done after 55 years of age.
  • However, when done at a younger age, a second prosthesis replacement operation may be required due to aging of the prosthesis over time.
  • The curvature of the legs is improved after prosthetic surgery.
  • As a rule, each patient with knee osteoarthritis should be considered separately.

In order to recommend prosthetic surgery for the patient, three questions below should  beanswered yes;
  • Does pain or ache disturbs you to have a night sleep?
  • Is it difficult to walk because of the pain of the knee?
  • Is it difficult to climb stairs due to pain of the knee?

When will I walk afterprosthetic surgery?;

After the prosthetic surgery, you will be able to walk and step up and down the stairs in the first day with our specialist physiotherapists.

How Long is the Prosthesis Life?
Some parts are rubbed due to the structure of the prosthesis. This can cause wear and tear on the abraded parts over time.
If operation is performed by an experienced surgeon with advanced technology material, the duration of the prosthesis is about 20-25 years.

What our patients are most interested in is how many years the prosthesis will last. This is mainly due to 3 factors.

First; The doctor who performed the prosthetic surgery,
Second; The quality and durability of the used prosthesis,
Third; People with very active life and with weight over 100 kg can have prosthesis life 5 years less than the others.

When the prosthesis cannot withstand, it begins to ache and the complaints progress over time. This may be due to loosening of the prosthesis and wear of the plastic-like material in between. In this case, the worn and loosened parts of the prosthesis re replaced by a more complicated operation called revision knee prosthesis.

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