• Vertebral column must be in straight from the front view, if it is S or C shaped, it is called Scoliosis.
  • In this case, when the spine rotates about its own axis, the shoulder blade, a shoulder or hip appears higher than the other side, leading to asymmetry in the body posture. 
  • This condition is expressed as postural disease in patients. 
  • The most common type of scoliosis is adolescent idiopathic scoliosis, which is seen in adolescence and its cause is unknown. 
  • The meaning of the idiopathic word in Turkish is “unknown”.

  • Thoracic kyphosis and asymmetry in the shoulders and pelvis can be seen in the examination.
  • Back pain can be but very rare.
  • Patients complains about the shape and posture disorder the most.
  • It is frequently diagnosed in the age of primary school.
  • If in doubt, X-rays of the entire vertebral column should be taken.   
  • To determine the grade of the curvature, we measure the angle of the scoliosis in the full length film.
  • Shoulder low or posture disturbance are the most ant suspicion of Scoliosis.  
  • It is especially ant for parents to bring their children to doctor to examine if they are in doubt.
  • Severe and progressive scoliosis is not limited with back pain and postural disease in high-risk scoliosis lung and heart can lead to functional disability in the lungs and heart, leading to narrowing of the involved chest cavity.
  • The method to be applied in the treatment of scoliosis is determined according to the degree of scoliosis and whether bone development is completed or not.           
  • If the bone development in the patient has not been completed and curvature is less than 20 degrees the patient is controlled at intervals.
  • Treatment to be applied is determined when bone development is completed.
  • If the curvature is around 30 degrees and bone and skeletal development is still in progress, use of the orthesis will prevent the increase of curvature.   
  • Scoliosis exercise, swimming and special rehabilitation can be applied.
  • Surgery is not performed until 35-40 degrees of Scoliosis.
  • More swimming and exercises are recommended for children in the age of development.
  • Scoliosis can be prevented by musculoskeletal development and muscle structure support..

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