What causes the knee osteoarthritis?
Knee osteoarthritis is the result oferosion of cartilaginous structures in the knee. Due to reasons of geneticpredisposition, excess weight, rheumatology diseases and trauma, the cartilagestructure is destroyed.

When Should I Have Knee Arthroplasty?
There are two ant reasons forknee arthroplasty.
1- The painless walking distance ofthe patient decreases below 300 meters,

2- Gradually increasing pain at night

If I lose weight, will my knee painstop?

The pain decreases in our patientswho lose weight. Because our knees carry our body weight.

Is walking activity good for osteoarthritis?

Walking may be good, but it isharmful to walk on for over 45 minutes. An orthopedic shoe should be preferredwhen walking. Walking should be done on flat grounds.

How long does knee replacement work?

The duration of the surgery is 45minutes to 1 hour. Entry to and exit from the operating room lasts an averageof 2 - 2.5 hours.

When can I walk after the surgery?

One day after the operation,patients can be mobilized with a walker.

When can I go up and down the stairsafter surgery?

A day or two days after theoperation, our patients can go up and down the stairs.

How many days do I need to stay inhospital?

On the day of surgery, you arehospitalized and you will stay an average of 2-3 days in the hospital.

Do I need to take Physical Therapyafter the operation?

Physiotherapy is not needed if theexercises shown after surgery are performed regularly. In rare cases ofoverweight and elderly patients, physiotherapy may be needed.

My neighbors have had this surgeryand it's worse. Would that happen to me, too?

It is not a situation which wenormally see. In overweight, very old and severe osteoporotic patients, or inthe event of a fracture during surgery, it is rare for the patient can be ableto stand after for long periods of time.

Will my pre-surgery pain completelypass after the surgery?

Most of your pain will stop , overtime, as you become familiar with the body prosthesis, you will have anentirely painless knee joint.

Which material is the prosthesismade from?

It is made of polyethyleneimpregnated with cobalt chrome and E vitamins.

How long will knee prosthesis last?

It lasts about 25 years. This timecan vary depending on the weight status and the use of the prosthesis.

Do I have to lose weight for kneearthroplasty?

Your height-weight ratio isant for surgery. Very overweight patients are recommended to lose weight.It is also ant for your knee health to gain the ideal weight in thepostoperative period. It also prolongs the survival of the prosthesis.

If I have a knee injury, can I havesurgery again?

Of course you can. Revisionsurgeries to be performed by an experienced team have a high chance of success.

Should I have companion aftersurgery?

You should have a companion duringhospital stay.  

Is surgery scar big, what aboutdressing and taking of stitches?

Average is 15 cm. Since theaesthetic stitch is inserted, there is no need to take a stitch. After dischargefrom hospital, you need to dress 2-3 times every 3 days.

At what time can I be operated?

In general, we do ourhospitalization early morning on the day of surgery and we do the operation 2-3hours after the hospitalization.

When can I have a bath?

After discharge from hospital, yoursurgery site is covered with non-wetting special dressing materials and you cantake a shower when you go home.

When do I drive a car?

After 4-6 weeks on average.

Can I have operation from my bothknees in the same arthroplasty surgery?

This can be done if your general healthcondition is appropriate.

Will I have to take medication afterdischarge?

Painkillers and blood thinners wilbe written. After 2 weeks you will be reevaluated and your medications will beregulated.

After knee arthroplasty, is thereany problem to use MRI as a diagnostic tool?

Theprosthetic material, which is compatible with MR devices.

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