Hip Osteoarthrıtıs-Prosthetic Surgery

In hip osteoarthritis, pain in the hip with the deteoriatıon of hip joint structure, limitation of movement, shortness of legs and walking difficulties are seen.

Prosthesis operation for hip joint must be decided together with the patient and orthopedic surgeon.

The patient should prepare himself physiologically and psychologically until the day of surgery.

The patient should physically try to lose weight in a healthy way and also should reduce smoking preferably to stop smoking.

If you regularly use medications, you should share them with your orthopedic surgeon and you should continue your drugs with your doctor's control.

If you have any signs of infection in your body, it is suggested that they should be identified and treated by your doctor.

Anesthesia in the operation of the hip prosthesis may be in the form of general anesthesia and epidural anesthesia. The planning of the anesthesia-type should be according to the health of the patient and also should be decided together  by the anesthesiologist , the patient and the orthopedic doctor.

According to the type of hip prosthesis, metal stem attached to the upper part of the femur and metal or ceramic head according to prosthesis type, the metal socket fitted instead of the articular cartilage is also made up of hard plastic inner part in metal or ceramic part.

Orthopedic physicians will decide which hip prostheses are best for you, whether ceramic, metal, cemented or cementless.

The surgery is expected to be 1,5-2 hours duration.

A detailed examination and blood tests will be performed by the Internal Medicine and Anesthesiologist in the hospital where you would like to undergo surgery, with our coordinator 3-4 days before the hip prosthesis operation.

3-4 hours before the surgery day, our patients are admitted to the hospital  with our coordinator . The next day after surgery, our specialist physiotherapists accompany our patients to start to walking exercises with the assistance of walker.

We discharge our patients from the hospital about 3 days after the operation. We recommend our patients home hip exercise programs and show new exercises in controls.

Our patients can return to their daily life activities in 3-4 weeks.

In Patients With Hip Prosthesis;

Significant reduction and ending of the pain,

Increased mobility,

Reduced limitations of movement,

Increased walking distance,

Correction of deformities in the hip joint,

Reducing the height difference between the legs within limits,

Significant increase in quality of life,

Comfortable sleep without pain is the most ant benefit of surgery.

Cautions To Be Careful After The Surgery

· Do not rotate  your foot medially or laterally while lying, sitting, or standing.

· When you go up the stairs, first step must be with your normal leg, when you go down the stairs, first step must be with with your surgical leg.

· Take care to wear strapless shoes during recovery term.

· Always consult your doctor if you have leg or calf pain ,swelling,redness,leakage or burning at the operation site, fever,chest pain and dyspnea.

· Follow your doctor's recommendations about sexual life.

· Walk regularly.

· Do not neglect your control examinations.

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