The back and neck hernia are basically similar situations.

It can mostly caused by the wrong usage of our body; pain through arms and legs and movement restriction; paresthesias, contraction can be seen.

There are intervertebral discs made of cartilage between vertebrates forming the joint.

The task of the discs is to facilitate joint movements and to assist joint integrity.

Posterior protrusion of the intervertebral disc through spinal cord is called herniation if it is in the neck, it is called cervical herniation; if it is in the back, it is called lumbar herniation. 

The reasons for hernia may vary widely. However, basically, we can say of long term bad or inappropriate usage of the body, or sudden and compulsive usage of the body cause herniatıon.

Neck and back transport capacities may have decreased over the years.  A sudden movement can cause a herniatıon in the back and neck.

Downs, traffic accidents, work accidents, weight gain can also cause problems in the back and neck.

Pain, limitation of movement, numbness-tingling, are the most common complaints. Sometimes very severe pain can be seen in the form of nerve pain called as neuropathıc pain. These aches may increase with back and leg movements.

In more advanced cases, loss of strength may occur in the area concerned (in certain muscles of the arm or leg). More rarely,  it can start directly with leg pain, without back pain. Strength loss can be added to leg pain.

Most of the back and neck hernia can be treated without surgery.

In our team of specialists,  non-surgical treatment applications can be performed successfully.

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